STH Candidates
2008 Local Government Election
Geraldine Turner OAM

Geraldine Turner was born and raised in Brisbane, and lived in Sydney for several years before relocating to Moss Vale four years ago

Whilst she has worked in Film, Television and Radio, it is her International Recording and Concert career that has taken her around the world.  She remains an acknowledged Australian Musical Theatre Star.

Her talents and capacities extend well beyond the Performing Arts. Geraldine has served on the Board of the Sydney Theatre Company, Nominating Council of The Helpmann Awards, is Patron of Magnormous, Hats Off, and Children’s Performing Company of Australia, a Trustee of The Lionel Murphy Foundation, Associate Artist of The Queensland Arts Council, was Federal President of Actor’s Equity for six years, and held a number of other executive positions. In 1988 Geraldine was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for Services to the Arts.

Geraldine has established a Reference Group to plan and stage a biennial Southern Highlands International Multi-Arts Festival, a Shire wide cultural event that will become the premier Regional Arts Festival in Australia.

Why do you want to be a Councillor
“I want to be a Wingecarribee Shire Councillor to serve the broader interests of the Southern Highlands Community, ensure transparent and accountable Local Government and maintain our Shire’s character and heritage. I believe this can be achieved in conjunction with proactive economic sustainability policies and appropriate development.”

Gar Houston MPD MAIPM, B.Bus

Gar Houston was born and educated in Mackay and the University of Central Queensland, Rockhampton. He and his family have lived at Sutton Forest for several years.

Gar Houston is a highly qualified and experienced Project Manager with a Degree in Finance (B.Bus), an Advanced Diploma in Project Management, has Master Project Director (MPD) certification and is an Assessor with the Australian Institute of Project Managers (AIPM), is a former CPA, and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing (TAA). Gar is a senior Project Management Consultant with over 30 years experience in Project Management, IT and Finance, specialising in the implementation of project management systems and best practices, and training/mentoring project managers.

He has a strong commitment to community service and voluntary work, and has served as Deputy Captain and Treasurer for the St. Albans Bushfire Brigade. and President of the St. Albans Common.

Why do you want to a Councillor?
“I want to utilise my professional skills and experience to ensure effective, honest and open communication in all Council dealings. It is imperative that the council regain credibility with the local community by adopting a consultative and transparent approach to decision making. Engaging with all key stakeholders in the process. I also want to see the council agree and implement a set of defined performance indicators incorporating a customer satisfaction review process to ensure that they work for the best interests of the community and remain accountable to their constituents”

Lyndal Breen

Lyndal Breen was born and educated in the Southern Highlands, her family having settled in the District early last century. Lyndal's mother was a well-known violinist and music teacher.

Lyndal is the mother of five adult children, and grandmother of 3.
Presently employed as a Teachers' Aide Special Education at Moss Vale High School, Lyndal has worked in the banking and construction industry, and held executive positions in a number of community groups.

Lyndal is qualified in Ecosystem Management and Bush Care, and was a founding member and Secretary of the Moss Vale Landcare Group.

Why do you want to a councillor?
“ I am particularly interested in Environmental and Youth issues, and have concerns about excessive development and the disregard for our beautiful Shire’s ecosystem. As a councilor I will encourage accountability, responsibility and sustainability.”

Hugh Ryvers-Ellicott

Hugh Ryvers-Ellicott was born in Rouen, educated in France and England, and moved to Australia in 1964.

His early years as a resident were spent in the performing arts and as a painter and sculptor. Commissions for individually designed and hand printed fabric saw the beginning of a textile business. Hugh also participated in the production of limited edition prints.

Commercial work included interior design in both domestic and public areas - Australian Music Centre; restaurants; exhibition installations. Industrial design projects ranged from kit homes to furniture components.

Hugh's sensibilities extend to eco and cultural tourism, and a co-operative venture lead to the establishment of a 6,000 acre wild life sanctuary in northern NSW

Why do you want to a Councillor?
“I have a strong personal commitment to community based endeavours which enhance environmental awareness and valuation. I also support a holistic approach to planning and design. As a councillor I will support practical and intelligent policies which protect and enhance the quality of our Southern Highlands lifestyle."

Victoria Kleeberg

Victoria Kleeberg is a resident of Bowral having moved to the Highlands with her husband and 4 small children 12 years ago. She has qualifications in nursing, midwifery, herbal medicine and nutrition, and provides health services to our community.  

 Victoria and her husband chose the Highlands, after 20 years in various localities, because of its unique character, vegetation and rural atmosphere. She has witnessed many changes since then especially in the last 4 years, and has witnessed the destruction and overdevelopment in the towns and villages with increasing concern. She feels it is time for the community to become more inclusive; that community concerns should be valued more than developers’ financial gain.” It’s not just about what has been built (too often out of character) but what has been lost in the rush to develop.”

 Victoria is passionate about the aesthetic beauty of our towns through its street scapes, shop fronts, malls, parks and gardens, and feels we need to be more conscious and specific in the towns planning. She fears the Shire is in danger of completely losing its heritage and becoming another ugly urbanised mass at the end of a highway.

Why do you want to be a Councillor?
“I want the next council to consider every decision in the context of economic and environmental sustainability. I want appropriate not excessive development that preserves the rural atmosphere of the shire. I believe the highlands is in danger of losing its unique character and I want policies aimed at restoring and preserving the heritage and uniqueness that is the southern highlands. I strongly support the move towards a sustainable low carbon future and a stronger sense of community. I will support policies that benefit the community at all levels, through sport, recreation, health, and tourism.. Policies like the WSC draft bicycle strategy and for more rollerblade/bike paths, bowling and  ice-skating rink, walking tracks etc. - projects that will engage our youth."

Lyndall Healey


Lyndall Healey was born and educated in Sydney, and moved to the Highlands with her husband in 1999. They have three children, aged 5, 8 and 11. Lyndall has a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) and a Master of Social Work from the University of NSW, and over 20 years experience working with children, young people and families. Since 2001 Lyndall has worked as a School Counsellor at Chevalier College, Bowral, and was previously a Social Worker at Bowral and District Hospital. Lyndall helps families and children to develop positive relationships with themselves and others, and pursue healthy community engagement.

Lyndall has served the local community through her involvement in numerous organizations, educational associations, sporting groups and community initiatives. She believes in the unique integrity of the Highlands as a safe environment for families to raise children in an abundance of community spirit.

Why do you want to be a Councillor?
“I want to protect and enrich the sense of community connectedness in our Shire, and ensure Council policies truly reflect the needs of the whole community. As a councillor I will strive to make the Highlands a place where our young people have excellent work and training opportunities, more diverse options to flourish, participate and enjoy fulfilling lives. I want to see the Highlands remain a place for all ages to live and work, a place that will maintain it’s integrity, character, heritage and magnificent environment.”

Natalie Bowra


Natalie Bowra lives in Moss Vale with her husband and their three young children having moved to the Southern Highlands from Sydney in 1999.

After a highly successful career in print publishing Natalie established her own graphic design business in 1988, which became one of Australia’s largest, most acclaimed and award winning studios.  She now freelances from her Highlands home, working around the busy lives of her family.

Natalie is involved in a number of community activities, co-founded the Southern Highlands' first netball club, Moss Vale Dragonflies, is a Southern Highlands netball player and also involved in representative and club coaching. Her organisational skills and persistent lobbying to stop the introduction of user-pay fees at sports grounds was instrumental in the Council’s decision to rescind their position.

Why do you want to be a Councillor?
“ I have a passionate interest in the quality of life for all children, and strongly support the development of coordinated and cohesive Youth Policies for our Shire. There are few places to go in the Southern Highlands when a family wants to do something together. The Shire needs to engage young minds and promote youthful exercise and interaction. I want to see a dynamic and creative approach to indoor and outdoor leisure for children and families, including better playgrounds and picnic areas, bike tracks and walking trails suitable for all ages, however, I do not believe a monolithic indoor pool is the answer.We have many excellent schooling opportunities which increasingly attract more young families. The situation here contrasts markedly with other regions where facilities exist for the benefit of the greater community. “